Asian Century Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan organization founded in 2019. 

ACF aims to build capacity for knowledge exchange between India and the countries of East and Southeast Asia. At a time when the influence of  Asian powers in regional and global affairs is growing, our efforts are focused on leveraging cross-country understanding to facilitate progress in developmental areas of priority to India and the Global South.

Our work at ACF is organized into two verticals:

  • Education
  • Develops and runs capacity-building programs for Indian stakeholders across sectors. We have been pro-bono partners in the development and implementation of two fellowship programs at Ashoka University – the China India Visiting Scholars (CIVS) fellowship, and the China Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship (CSPF).
  • Knowledge and Policy
  • Seeks to identify key sector learnings and areas for high-impact expertise-sharing.